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Flood in settlements


We have several teams working on different multidisciplinary projects at any given time. See below for which projects we are currently working on!

Ongoing Projects

Puerto Rico Disaster Relief

Our goal is create a vulnerability index and map of Puerto Rico when a hurricane strikes for first responders and aid agencies to use. We are communicating with Puerto Rican public health officials to develop our vulnerability index. We have finished our data collection are calculating our index in order to pursue publishing. We are not accepting new members. Stay tuned for our project report.

(previously Clarkston Community Health Center)

Our goal is to help the non-native English speakers that Clarkston Community Health Center and other clinics serve to understand their prescribed medications through iconography. We have done this by creating pill cards that we are now in the process of converting into an app. Check out our project summary.

Beverly School of Kenya

Our goal is to execute environmental projects with the Beverly School of Kenya, in order to meet the requests of the executive director and president to engage and inspire students in the STEM field. An example of one of our projects is the greenhouse we built out of plastic bottles. Check out our project summary.

Crop Pricing App

Feral Hog Mitigation

Automated Fox Vaccine Dispenser

Our goal is to create a crop pricing app for independent farmers in developing and rural nations to know what price they should be selling their crops at. Barriers in communication between farms such as distance, lack of relationship, and
difference in language prevent farmers from accurately assessing the value of their goods. Check out our project summary.

Our goal is to mitigate the impact of feral hogs on the native environment and agricultural output in the Atlanta area. We are currently working with the Atlanta Botanical Gardens to test potential deterrents to feral hogs in their conservation garden. Deterrents being tested include urine, sound and sprinkler systems, and natural deterrents such as bamboo barriers.

Our goal is to build an automated vaccination dispenser to combat rabid foxes on campus. Vaccination is one of the most effective and humane methods to reduce the number of rabid foxes and traditional, large-scale methods of vaccination, such as dropping treats out of a plane, are impractical and difficult to reproduce in the city. Our project utilizes machine learning to identify foxes and dispense a vaccine accordingly. 

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