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HumaniTech VIP

A vertically integrated research project at Georgia Tech comprised of several multidisciplinary projects working towards solving global development and health issues.

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What Is Human-Centered Design?

"Human-centered design sits at the intersection of empathy and creativity" (

Human-centered design, sometimes referred to as empathic design, is the process of creating a solution to a problem by really involving the community that the problem impacts. The process of co-creating with communities is, surprisingly, not often used in humanitarian problem solving. This is an issue because without speaking directly with the impacted community and continuously gathering their feedback on your intervention, you will often end up missing the target. An important first step in utilizing human-centered design is recognizing that your background and experiences may be very different from the community that you are trying to help, and therefore your idea for an intervention might not be practical for them. This is why co-creating with communities and incorporating human-centered design into problem solving is so valuable for creating an intervention that will have the greatest positive effect.

About US

The HumaniTech VIP is one of Georgia Tech's many VIP programs. Our focus is on solving global development problems through several student-led projects.

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Ongoing Projects

Every team project is student run and we have a variety of collaborators including the Beverly School of Kenya, the ATL Botanical Gardens, and the Clarkston Community Health Center.

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Get Involved As A Professional

Are you a professional in a field that we currently have a project in? Are you interested in being a guest speaker for the HumaniTech VIP class? Contact us to see how you can be involved!

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